Welcome to your Auto Funnel Press v2 account dashboard. Most likely you’re only interested in managing your license and / or access to your downloads. These details are located in your “Order History” which you can access by clicking on this link, or the link in the sidebar.

AFP News / Updates

License Information

Auto Funnel Press software licenses are considered active for 1 year (and can be renewed every year). An active license is required to continue to receive support and updates. You will lose access to certain areas of the dashboard if your license expires.

Your system will not cease to function on an expired license but it will no longer be able to activate and you will no longer receive updates or be able to access the software to download.

Revoked licenses will cause your system to cease to function. Licenses are revoked on refunds (since you are negating your license from purchase) and can be revoked for violation of software use terms.