Auto Funnel Press v2 - Core

What is the difference between Auto Funnel Press Legacy and Auto Funnel Press v2
Fundamentally the core code achieves the same goals, but they are completely different in terms of the code itself. While the legacy version of AFP has been maintained over time, it's core code is 5+ years old and industry standards and practices have changed. As of now the legacy version has core embedded elements that no longer work because external services have changed the way they process.
Why not just update Auto Funnel Press Legacy instead of rebuilding it?
Auto Funnel Press Legacy was built on an older theme framework, it was released as a WordPress theme. There are a lot of reasons why you might build extensive functionality into a theme, but ultimately you limit the site owner's ability to manage design and layout options (even with the integrated visual editor). AFPv2 is built as a plugin and its more modular as a result, it's more light-weight and better able to be extendable, this wouldn't be possible with just updating the legacy version.
Can I migrate my Auto Funnel Press Legacy installation to AFPv2?
Because the code structure was improved so was the way data is saved to the system. AFPv2 is a complete replacement for Auto Funnel Press Legacy, not an upgrade. We're exploring the viability of a migration utility so you can convert your Legacy installation to the new Auto Funnel Press v2 framework but presently that is not available and may never be possible, it's something we're exploring.

Auto Funnel Press v2 is for new funnel system installations.
Is there any difference between the multiple license options?
The various licenses offer different options for different users. They all share the same core code which is the engine of Auto Funnel Press v2, but they cover different use preferences. The multi-site license is useful for people that host more than one funnel system. The license including premium addons is for users that may want more than just 1 extension and its a good money saver. The managed version includes all extensions available now and in the future and was designed for those who want a completely secured and managed system where they only have to focus on their content and marketing.
What exactly does "Updates for 1 Year" mean with the licenses?
Common software licensing practice for WordPress is to provide an active software license that includes updates and support for 1 year (which can be renewed on a yearly basis). Inevitably with software development you may encounter bugs or security issues that need to be fixed, these get pushed to our license system that alerts you of an update. This is included during the 1 year with your license purchase (and forever as long as your license is renewed / active). It's also possible that technology makes a shift that requires the system be updated to continue to function, these are all covered under the license purchase and renewal infrastructure.
Does my system stop working if I don't renew my license?
The license you pay for gives you access to the Auto Funnel Press v2 software and any / all extensions you have purchased or have been included with that license. Your site will not cease to function, but your license will no longer be active so you cannot activate it to a different system or website. You will no longer have access to download the software or receive updates with an expired license but it will not automatically break your installation or cease to operate.
Do you offer hosting for the non-managed licenses?
Auto Funnel Press does not offer any hosting solutions. We've teamed up with ExoLumina to provide a maintained, secured and managed system. The hosting is provided so the system can have a stable framework but its not the primary focus of the managed license plan.

Auto Funnel Press v2 - Managed

How does the managed license work?
The managed license for AFPv2 is unique from the other offerings because it's not a simple software license, it's a maintained subscription. Your site is setup and managed via the ExoLumina WordPress system. You still control and maintain your content and networks and all the things that AFP provides, but the server is specifically maintained for fast WordPress sites and is only installed with the server software needed to run a fast and secure WordPress system.
What all do I get with the managed plan?
The managed license is a secured and maintained WordPress install with Auto Funnel Press v2 and it's extensions attached to it. It is not a traditional or resold hosting system, for security and system integrity you do not have access to the server controls, you have admin level access to the WordPress system itself with AFPv2 configured to it. A replicated private staging site is created as a copy of your site to test updates and upgrades to ensure uptime. It includes server level caching for speed and MFA secured admin credentials to increase back-end security. The AFPv2 core plugin and extensions are maintained regularly and you don't have to run updates yourself, ExoLumina also tries to manage updates for plugins that you may install yourself from the back-end and test them on the staging system but support is specifically related to the AFPv2 system and it's extensions.
What if I want to cancel my managed license?
You're free to cancel your subscription at any time. Since it's a subscribed license your hosted system will be shut down. Your data and system configuration details will be backed-up and provided to you. You would need to purchase a separate license if you wanted to migrate to your own hosted AFPv2 install elsewhere. But the site content and data is yours and will be provided right before the site is shut down so you have your latest information.
What happens if my payment lapses?
The managed license requires an active paid subscription, however it doesn't immediately shut down the system if a renewing payment fails. An attempt to contact you with the information on file will happen before the system goes through the shutdown process.