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Introducing the Power-Packed Extensions for Auto Funnel Press! Elevate the functionality of your WordPress website with our exceptional Pro and Premium extensions. The Pro extensions, bundled together in our Professional Bundle, offer unparalleled features that will take your online business to the next level. But that's not all – our Ultimate Bundle and Suite subscription include not only the Pro extensions but also the Premium ones, delivering an all-inclusive package that leaves no stone unturned. Experience the full potential of Auto Funnel Press with our comprehensive selection of extensions, designed to optimize your website's performance and maximize your success.

Pro Extensions

All pro extensions included in the professional plan and up

Zapier Extension

Zapier is an integration platform connecting multiple systems together with customized Zap operations. The Auto Funnel Press Zapier extensions utilizes the integration with any of the hundreds of other Zapier connections so you can run…

Sendshark Extension

Sendshark is a list management / autoresponder system. The Auto Funnel Press integration with Sendshark does not associate it’s lead page system, it connects the landing group capture system to the Sendshark API….

Listshift Extension

The listshift extension is designed to give more control of the follow-up flow you have with your Auto Funnel Press members. Create different action triggers to move a subscriber in your connected autoresponder from one…

Premium Extensions

All premium extensions included in the ultimate and suite plans

Elementor Extension

Elementor Pro is the most popular page builder system that includes a theme builder framework for you to take full control of your system layout and output. This extension integrates all the Auto Funnel Press…

Dynamics Extension

The dynamics extension is designed to give more conditional / dynamic functionality on top of the Auto Funnel Press core system. Some features allow you to let users add their own tracking codes to landing…