Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 - Available Now

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AFP Team

 on February 2, 2023

Auto Funnel Press Documentation

Installing WordPress

WordPress is such a common system these days creating our own video for one possible installation process is not overly useful. Different hosting providers have

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AFPv2 Initial Setup

This video goes over the basic details of the initial setup after you’ve installed and activated Auto Funnel Press v2. There are a few required

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AFPv2 with GeneratePress

Alternate Recommendation – This video goes over using the GeneratePress theme with AFPv2. It doesn’t go into extensive detail about configuring and setting up, but

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AFPv2 Extensions

Extensions enable adding additional functionality on top of the core AFPv2 system. These are modular items that are not required but extend the capabilities of

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Extension Activation

Extensions are themselves WordPress plugins and if you purchase one or have one included with your license you can download and activate it to WordPress.

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