Use Auto Funnel Press v2 To Create Membership Sites, Affiliate Networks, Training Platforms and Dynamic Systems To Generate More Sales and Customers For Your Online Business.

Rebuilt to be Faster, Modular, More Secure... Better

Auto Funnel Press Version 2 is better integrated, better developed and better suited to serve the needs of Automating Funnel Systems for the internet of today.

Auto Funnel Press Version 2

The System that Creates Systems
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The all-in-one solution that provides simple to use functionality, guaranteed to increase lead flow and lifetime customers just got even better!

One System To Manage All Your Income Streams

Auto Funnel Press is an “all-in-one” easy to use platform that integrates with WordPress enabling you to create dynamic membership systems, creating dynamic landing page groups, (capture, registration and confirmation pages) that your members can use to refer new members to your system. Internally, you can choose to enroll distributors, sell training or affiliate systems, manage customers, and have others promote YOUR content using our revolutionary affiliate block technology. In other words, your members are awarded commissions for everything that you choose to have them promote, taking your content viral in a way that you never thought was possible.

What's New with Auto Funnel Press version 2

Complete Rebuild

All the functionality you've come to expect from Auto Funnel Press has remained but its now using more modern standards and where possible, has been improved for speed and security.

Modular Functionality

We've made additional functionality modular so you can purchase extensions you need or none at all and turn them on and off to suit the needs of your unique auto funnel system.

Elementor Pro Integration

The AFP Elementor extension integrates the Auto Funnel Press blocks to work with the Elementor Pro page / theme builder system. Using them together you have even greater control over the design and layout of your system. * Elementor Pro license not included or provided by AFPv2

Dynamic Control

If you thought the legacy system provided a lot of dynamic functionality you'll be pleasantly surprised by how the new Auto Funnel System provides much greater dynamic control.

Internal Updates

This new version of Auto Funnel Press has an internal update system that makes keeping new features / changes on your system an easy task.

Plugin Framework

The Auto Funnel Press system is now packaged as a plugin instead of a theme so you have far greater design and layout control over your project.

Additional Integrations

Changing technologies and new, more popular frameworks have introduced opportunities for Auto Funnel Press to integrate with more services and systems, that list is growing all the time.

Minimal Styling

Auto Funnel Press has been styled as minimally as possible to enable it to adopt your theme default colors and sections. This makes the AFP blocks and modules more dynamic and flexible to the space you're building in.

Ease of Use

The system is now more robust and the settings and features are more clearly defined and easier to use and manage. Auto Funnel Press was always pretty easy to power on and work, now its even easier.

Auto Funnel Press Handles The Hard Stuff - You Can Focus On Content

Protected Members Area

Collect Important User Information

Each member will register to your system, adding them to both your user list, and preferred autoresponder. Easily choose to display free, or premium content.

Internal Content Paywalls

Upsell Members Into Premium Content

Create teaser content giving your users just enough info to upgrade into premium training, videos, or affiliate networks of your choice. Content remains hidden until they’ve paid.

Dynamic Managed Content

Easily Add PDF's, Word Docs, MP3's

Adding content has never been easier. With everything setup right out of the box, with a click of the mouse, you simply add the content you want your users to consume.

Control Access Restrictions

Create Incentives For Joining Affiliate Networks

Restrict access to content based on the member's interaction with an affiliate block. Ensure they've signed up through your system to affiliate programs you're promoting.

Revolutionary "Affiliate Network Block" Technology

Affiliate Network BlockReward your members with affiliate commissions when they refer others to your system. You choose your affiliate income streams and let others promote your system. Simply place your affiliate username as the default, and say goodbye to leaving money on the table for good! It’s all built right in without any technical know how from you whatsoever. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your business can grow when you leverage the efforts of others.

Don't Get Stuck Risking The Loss Of Your Content

Content Ownership

WordPressWe learned a long time ago (the hard way), that you always want to OWN your own content. There’s nothing worse than doing years of work, hosting your content on someone else’s system, only to have it deleted when you miss a payment, or decide to make a move to another provider. With AFP, YOU control your system. Even with our new Managed Subscription plan you get backups of your raw content regularly and a final back-up if you decide to move off. Compare that to our competitors with half the functionality averaging at over $99 monthly. Not familiar with hosting or WP? We have an easy to follow set of videos in our member dashboard that goes over system setup and basic management.

Your Content Is More Valuable When It's Created In Auto Funnel Press

With Auto Funnel Press’ revolutionary affiliate network block capabilities, your content will gain exposure from the hundreds to thousands of members that choose to promote your system. It’s never been simpler to get more eyes on your content leveraging affiliates who are excited to join and promote your platform… taking your content, and chosen income streams viral in a way that you never thought was possible… and most importantly – you’re in control of your content.

Auto Funnel Press Content

Gain Access To Proven Example Systems That Have Generated Hundreds Of Thousands Of Members...

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re completely new to creating systems, you can’t argue with these type of results. When you purchase your copy of Auto Funnel Press, you’ll also be gaining access to proven systems (created with an Auto Funnel Press legacy edition) that have produced over 113,000 members in under 6 months resulting in multiple 6 figures. Learn from the pros in how they’ve accomplished this, and choose to implement some of their ideas into your own system.

Auto Funnel Press Memberlist
  • Dynamic Marketing Pages

    Dynamic landing pages: Easily create capture pages, landing pages, and registration pages unique to each of your members' accounts identified by a custom URL generated upon registration, that they can turn around, promote and get credit for referred users automatically.

  • Proven System Design

    Get ideas from the pros: Gain access to training material, demo designs and templates of proven systems (created with AFP) that have been wildly successful. Get ideas, and implement these strategies to ensure your systems' success.

  • Support Automation

    Reduce support requests: Your members have the ability to update their own profile, edit their email address, request a new passwords, and much more. AFP handles this with complete automation.

  • Video Training

    Quickly get up and running: Detailed step-by-step, segmented video tutorials walk you through the essentials, giving you everything you need to create the membership affiliate system of your dreams.

Get Up And Running In Minutes

Auto Funnel Press is quickly and easily installed to your WordPress installation. Right out of the box you have a modular system ready for you to customize and expand upon. We chose WordPress because it is a reliable, proven content management system that allows you to scale your business as you grow. We provide a guide in our training system for you to easily see how fast you can be setup and running!

Ease of Setup 100%

No Extra Costs based on Member Size

It’s common for comparable software with half the functionality to charge per-member fees. With Auto Funnel Press you can scale your business to unimaginable heights taking comfort in the fact that there is no limit to how large you grow your database of members. 100 or 100,000 – you’re good to go!

Viral List Building Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate your autoresponder of choice to NOT ONLY capture every lead that you refer to your system, but you also have the option to capture every lead that your members refer as well. This is the secret of the pros that can potentially skyrocket your lead generation to thousands of proven buyers daily.

Features: Powerful | Flexible | Easy

Members Area

Each member will register to your system, adding them to your members list, and preferred autoresponder. Easily choose to display free or premium content to them in your system.

WordPress 5+ Blocks (Gutenberg)

Implement the many Auto Funnel Press custom functionalities through the native WordPress 5+ block system so you can build your page content and AFP system features exactly to your preferences.

Integrate With WordPress

We chose to integrate with WordPress because of it’s proven reliability. Not familiar with WP? Our easy to follow tutorials will have you up in minutes. Simply upload the file and activate it. All the heavy lifting is done for you.

Revolutionary Affiliate Block Technology

Choose your income streams and input them into the system using AFP's affiliate blocks. Your members will receive commissions from their downline when they refer users. Affiliates will be excited to promote your system!

Content Management

Forget about paying high priced designers to make adjustments to your site. With this content management system, you can easily make changes to your platform at anytime.

Internal Paywalls

Create teaser content giving your members just enough info to upgrade into premium training modules, videos, or affiliate networks of your choice. Your content is always locked until they've paid.

Dynamic Marketing Pages

Create dynamic capture pages, landing pages, and registration pages unique to each of your members' accounts, identified by a custom URL generated upon member registration automatically.

Automated System Emails

Auto Funnel Press automatically dispatches registration and confirmation emails directly from the system to your new members ensuring they are quickly granted access.

Proven System Access

Gain access to proven systems created by the pros (using Auto Funnel Press) that have generated hundreds of thousands of members. Get ideas and implement them to ensure your systems success.

Viral List Building Capability

Seamlessly integrate your autoresponder of choice to NOT ONLY capture every lead that you refer to your system, but ALSO capture every lead that your members refer as well. This is proven buyer list building on steroids.

Support Automation

Your members have the ability to update their own profile, edit their email address and contact info, request new passwords, and more. Let AFP through WordPress handle this so you can run your business.

Funnel Options

Access all your important admin functionality in one central location. Edit registration and confirmation emails, handle payment settings, autoresponder integration, customization and much more.

Video Training

Detailed step-by-step video tutorials walk you through the setup process, giving you everything you need to create the membership, affiliate system of your dreams.

Member Management

Easily block access, grant permissions, or manage a members content. For those that require extra assistance, you can manually manage their details. AFP has you covered.

...these great features and more!

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Extensions are available separately unless included in specific license options.

Meet The Creators Of Auto Funnel Press!

Discover how Jon Mroz started from scratch and ended up generating over $3 Million in online profits using systems like Auto Funnel Press, and why he’s now making it available to you.

Meet the man (and the brains) that made Auto Funnel Press a reality. Without his technical knowhow, and coding experience, we’d still be left in the dark ages when it comes to system creation.

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Single Site License - Core
$ 197 *one-time purchase
  • 1 Installation
  • Members Area Access
  • Video Guides / Training
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Pro Extensions
  • Premium Extensions


Multi Site License - Core
$ 297 *one-time purchase
  • 10 Installations
  • Members Area Access
  • Video Guides / Training
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Pro Extensions
  • Premium Extensions


Multi Site License - Addons Included
$ 497 *one-time purchase
  • 10 Installations
  • Members Area Access
  • Video Guides / Training
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Pro Extensions
  • Premium Extensions


Single Site License - Addons Included
$ 49 *monthly
  • 1 Installation
  • Members Area Access
  • Video Guides / Training
  • Continual Updates
  • Pro Extensions
  • Premium Extensions

The Single Site License is good for one (1) WordPress installation. It cannot be activated at more than one location, but you can move the active install at any time.

The Multi Site License is good for ten (10) WordPress installations. They do not need to be on the same domain or hosting account. The sites do need to be owned by the license owner and cannot be shared between multiple users.

* Licenses can be renewed for a discount to maintain update support, but are not set to renew by default. Suite license is a subscription service and is handled as a maintained license. Features and inclusions are only valid as long as the subscription is maintained active.

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