Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 - Available Now

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Zapier Extension

Zapier is an integration platform connecting multiple systems together with customized Zap operations. The Auto Funnel Press Zapier extensions utilizes the integration with any of the hundreds of other Zapier connections so you can run specific types of operations between capture, registration documenting, system associations and more.

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Sendshark Extension

Sendshark is a list management / autoresponder system. The Auto Funnel Press integration with Sendshark does not associate it’s lead page system, it connects the landing group capture system to the Sendshark API.

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Listshift Extension

The listshift extension is designed to give more control of the follow-up flow you have with your Auto Funnel Press members. Create different action triggers to move a subscriber in your connected autoresponder from one list to another based on interactions they have within your system.

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