Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 - Available Now

Download Category: Premium Extension

Elementor Extension

Elementor Pro is the most popular page builder system that includes a theme builder framework for you to take full control of your system layout and output. This extension integrates all the Auto Funnel Press blocks into the Elementor Pro widget system giving you far greater control of design, color, typography and general layout of your AFPv2 system. If you have or plan to purchase Elementor Pro, you can use this extension to have Auto Funnel Press blocks work with that page builder.

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Dynamics Extension

The dynamics extension is designed to give more conditional / dynamic functionality on top of the Auto Funnel Press core system. Some features allow you to let users add their own tracking codes to landing pages. Admin gets more dynamic views of user information. Also allow your users to enter their own customizable, dynamic content messaging on their landing page.

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