Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 - Available Now

Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 Major System Update – May 25th, 2023

AFP Team

 on May 23, 2023

We hope you've been eagerly anticipating the next major update of our plugin, version 2.2.0. We apologize for the delay in its release, but we want to assure you that it was well worth the wait. We encountered some unexpected issues during the development process that caused the initial delay, but now we're thrilled to announce that Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 is finally ready to be unleashed tomorrow!

This release marks a significant milestone for us, as we embarked on a major overhaul of the plugin. To ensure a smooth transition and maintain compatibility with existing installations, we made the difficult decision to separate the code branches. This divergence in the product version on our site was necessary to prevent any potential disruptions for our valued users. We understand that this diversion might have caused confusion, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

Moving forward, our next priority is to create a migration structure that will enable existing users to seamlessly transition to the new version without breaking their current integrations. We understand the importance of preserving your hard work and ensuring a seamless upgrade experience. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering a robust and user-friendly migration process to make this transition as smooth as possible.

One of the most common complaints we received from our users in the past was the difficulty in quickly setting up Auto Funnel Press. We took this feedback seriously and invested significant effort in addressing this concern. As a result, we are excited to introduce a brand new installation utility with this release. This utility will streamline the setup process, making it easier and more intuitive for you to get started with Auto Funnel Press. We wanted to ensure that the majority of our users, specifically those using Elementor Pro (over 85% of you!), can benefit from this improved installation experience. Therefore, we have designed separate installers for both Elementor Pro and Standard WordPress installations.

We understand that delays can be frustrating, but we genuinely appreciate your understanding and support throughout this process. Our team has worked tirelessly to deliver an exceptional update that addresses both the underlying technical improvements and user experience concerns. We are confident that Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 will exceed your expectations and provide you with even more powerful and seamless funnel-building capabilities.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay, and we thank you for your patience. We can't wait for you to experience the exciting new features and improvements tomorrow when Auto Funnel Press 2.2.0 is released. Stay tuned for further updates and happy funnel building!

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