Managed Setup

Every installation of a Managed AFP System is personally configured and tested by ExoLumina & AFP Admins. Your installation is assigned to an application cloud. As a result of this, the system is not automated and requires setup. This is typically done within 12 hours of purchase.

In order to fully initiate your system to the cloud and configure the SSL you need to associate your domain name to the app cloud. You’ll need to add an A record to your domain DNS (don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how to do this, a video is available below that shows how this is done).

Domain DNS changes usually take a few hours to be globally propagated, after your system is configured and tested and verified that the DNS is pointed correctly you’ll receive a setup welcome email with access to your Managed AFP system.

Note: If you’re using CloudFlare to manage your DNS, you must set the SSL to Full or Full Strict.

Managed Application Cloud Server IP

To better facilitate managed application server resources divisions we’re manually assigning installations to various shards. This means the IP address is not always the same. If you choose to get hosted on our application cloud we will follow-up with you providing you with the application server IP address you’ll need for your Domain DNS.

Your managed cloud server IP will be mapped to:

Important! Set your domain A Record to the IP of the server listed.
Your domain MUST resolve to this IP before the system can be fully configured.

You must be logged in to configure your Managed AFP setup.

If you have any issues or questions you can contact AFP support via the account dashboard (you can follow this link to quickly get there).

Adding a new record to your Domain DNS

You do not have a Managed AFP subscription and therefore cannot submit the managed setup form. If you want to migrate to or signup for a Managed AFP Subscription you can purchase that from this link.