Recommendations: AFPv2 is design agnostic it is minimally styled so it can retrieve the design styles of your chosen theme. A result of this setup means that it will integrate without issue into most WordPress themes that follow WordPress Coding best practices but the theme will control the general style and output of AFPv2 elements. Our video guides include a video for our recommended baseline.

  • Our recommendation is to pair AFPv2 with the Elementor Extension and build your system on Elementor Pro with the “Hello Elementor” theme.
  • Our alternate recommendation if you don’t want the same layout and design control you get with Elementor Pro is to use the free GeneratePress theme.

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AFPv2 with GeneratePress

Alternate Recommendation – This video goes over using the GeneratePress theme with AFPv2. It doesn’t go into extensive detail about configuring and setting up, but a basic overview of leveraging…

AFPv2 – Elementor Pro Templates

This video goes over importing AFPv2 templates we create and provide for you to use as-is or to expand on. Download the AFPv2 Elementor Pro Templates: AFPv2_Elementor_Templates_v01 We apologize…

Overview – General Settings

This video goes over the AFPv2 System Settings and what they do in some detail with regards to the system’s functionality. This video specifically looks at the General Settings.

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