Recommendations: AFPv2 is design agnostic it is minimally styled so it can retrieve the design styles of your chosen theme. A result of this setup means that it will integrate without issue into most WordPress themes that follow WordPress Coding best practices but the theme will control the general style and output of AFPv2 elements. Our video guides include a video for our recommended baseline.

  • Our recommendation is to pair AFPv2 with the Elementor Extension and build your system on Elementor Pro with the “Hello Elementor” theme.
  • Our alternate recommendation if you don’t want the same layout and design control you get with Elementor Pro is to use the free GeneratePress theme.

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Installing WordPress

WordPress is such a common system these days creating our own video for one possible installation process is not overly useful. Different hosting providers have different integration methods on their…

AFPv2 Initial Setup

This video goes over the basic details of the initial setup after you’ve installed and activated Auto Funnel Press v2. There are a few required elements that have to be…

AFPv2 Extensions

Extensions enable adding additional functionality on top of the core AFPv2 system. These are modular items that are not required but extend the capabilities of your overall core system. The…

AFPv2 with Elementor Pro

1st Recommendation – This video goes over using Elementor Pro on the Hello Elementor theme with AFPv2. There is a separate video that goes over the AFPv2 Elementor extension that…
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