AFPv2 – Zapier Integration

Kicking off the AFPv2 2020 Development we’ve added Zapier integration which really expands the types of stuff you can get up to with AFPv2. Not only can you tie it together with the embedded AR service integrations, you can use it with AR services that aren’t attached to AFP (ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, iContact, Campaign Monitor and more).

Another feature is the ability to leverage an event happening on your AFP system which some external service or trigger. Send Capture Users not only to your autoresponder, but to your CRM, or to a custom google sheet that you run data off of, or just an email. The power of leveraging Zapier with the AFP Hook operations really opens up what kind of reporting or outreach you get up to. Its a lot easier to make intelligent decisions when you’ve got good data in front of you.

We’ve also updated AFPv2 core to include more shortcodes for multi-block friendly options that have to do with user sponsors.