AFPv2 – Dynamic Profile Update

As we look to wrap up the stage 1 launch roadmap AFPv2 is released as 2.0.5 which includes some big core functionality updates for the profile system. You can now add custom profile fields and dynamically mark them as hidden / visible for public profile view pages for the parent / child relationship.

In addition, expanding on this we added the ability to associate these custom fields as “registration fields” which you can require and include in the registration process.

We know that some users are interested in the ability to add avatars to the profile page like was offered in AFP Legacy. This is not included in this release but is something we’re looking at adding soon.

We’ve also added some more functionality to the landing block features by allowing you to skip the capture page (similar to the capture page bypass feature of AFP Legacy).

We’re focusing on finalizing the roadmap elements for the stage 1 launch of AFPv2 and then put more effort into improving the instructional guides by adding some missing elements. We also want to improve the quality of life of a few AFPv2 functions in addition to adding some more useful information to the admin user in the form of WordPress admin notices and things like this.