AFPv2 Core Updates

We’ve updated AFPv2 and included some additional blocks and functionality that were part of AFP Legacy but not fully ported over into the new version. Now the Avatar Upload, Top 10 User Block has been added (in addition a Password Change block) bringing full function parity between Legacy and version 2. We expect we will continue to do tweaks to the existing blocks in addition to the brand new functionality planned on the horizon.

Since the new year we’ve made several updates, quality of life improvements and fixes. We’re also still shifting things about in the Roadmap as we continue to get useful feedback from AFPv2 users. As we pass the 1/2 way point for the 1st quarter of 2020 we’re pleased with the functionality we’ve been able to cover and the extension updates in the pipeline.

Occasionally we get very unique situation support requests that we aren’t able to really pursue as we can’t customize the core code for the benefit of a single user. We do take these requests seriously and consider how we might bring useful functionality to the system as a whole to benefit everyone and we appreciate hearing about your specific use-cases.